Monday, August 8, 2011

Summer Giveaway Hop Winner!

WOW! There was such a great turnout for my giveaway in the Summer giveaway hop. I had 153 people enter with a few who did not enter right and were disqualified (like someone who answered yes instead of putting in their GFC so no idea how to even check and someone who decided to use two e-mails but use the same names for the extra entries.) and 382 qualifying entries!! Wow!! You guys are awesome. Anyway, the winner is:

Marci Clark from Texas!
Her entry to 'like' my Facebook page is what won!
(That is why no matter how much it bothers you and me, extra entries do help sometimes)

So, congrats Marci. She has already confirmed and her book has been ordered and she is ready to go!

Thanks again for everyone who entered! I can't wait to join another one!

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