Friday, August 12, 2011

The reason for my baby!

Wow. I have been so busy for the last couple days. I haven't read any books, I haven't been on here, or anything else. Want to know why?

My twin sister had her baby on Wednesday afternoon. This is Charlie Marie. She is 7 lbs and 5.2 ounces of pure cuteness! I have spent the last three days driving my sister's other son, Tyler, back and forth from the hospital to see them and watching him while his mommy is in the hospital. Now we are all home and comfy. Tyler is being a wonderful big brother and I am so proud of him. He is quiet when the baby is sleeping, gets mommy whatever she needs, and helps her take care of Charlie. Can you believe he is only 4 years old?

Anyway, hopefully everything gets back to normal (I really doubt it). I hope to get back into reading tonight and hopefully posting a review tomorrow. And maybe a couple other writing pieces.

Have a great weekend!

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AliyaPM said...

Awwwe, she's adorable! That's wonderful! Congratulations to your family and your sister. I spent the weekend of the 29th doing the same thing. My aunt had her baby and I took care of the big sister for the two days she was in the hospital. Babies are such a joy. I'm always hogging the little ones. Have a great time with Charlie!

Trista Siegel said...

Thank you so much! She is a handful already. As I type this she is screaming her head off because she hates being changed. She loves to be nice and snuggled in a sleeper and blankets.