Sunday, August 14, 2011

My favorite rejection...weird but definitely true.

I finally got my last e-mail reply from my first batch of queries and I have to say it's my favorite rejection. Weird, I know. How can someone have a favorite rejection? Well, my first one was just a flat out no. The last one one I got (before my last last one) was a little nicer saying the usual "Thank you for thinking of us" and "It's a great story but not for us." But this last one really struck a chord with and I realized something has to change.

I actually got constructive criticism from this one agency. I have been waiting forever for them answer and yes, it hurt a little for it to be a rejection but at least since it was a rejection they told me what made them choose what they did and what I should do to make it better.

They told me they think I have something and they were engaged by my plot and my premise but they felt that my writing was chunky and felt unfinished like it was a first draft, which I thought it wasn't. Then they told me I should consider going through it again before submitting it anywhere else because they think I have talent but obviously if the writing isn't fantastic no one will ever glance my way.

You see why I like it? They didn't just tell me no, they explained why it is a no and now I know what I need to work on to make it better. I don't want to have a book published if it's not my best work. I don't want the readers to feel that it is unfinished. I want them to love it. That agency helped me see what was wrong with my work and now I can go back and try to make it better. That rejection was probably a good thing to happen to me even if it was a rejection and I am still without an agent.

So I have decided to go through it again and fix all my common mistakes and try to liven it up and make it feel less chunky. I am also going to make Dawn, the Witch Hunter Trilogy available on, well just a few chapters. I put Princess of the Rebellion on there a while back and I got some tips for that one so maybe I will get the same for Dawn.

Princess of the Rebellion was the first book I wrote and for now I have lost faith in it. Don't get me wrong, I love it. But I needed a break from it and I'm just not ready to go back to it. I will someday because I already have a sequel planned for that one. But like I said, I don't feel like writing it so I'm not going to waste my time because if I don't feel it I know it won't turn out good.

So, I have revamped Dawn. I am starting at the beginning and attempting to make it even better than it was before. I started with the first six chapters and decided to make a new cover. I really hate my first one. The same thing happened for PotR and my second one for that was way better. I definitely feel my new cover for Dawn rocks. It has everything to do with the story, not that anybody would know that because no one has read the story, but I feel it is a perfect fit. A new beginning for this story.

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Devon Ashley said...

Pick up some beta readers, preferably other writers you have met, and have them go through your story for mistakes and offer criticisms. You may not care to accept everything they offer, but at least you know what others are thinking when they read it. :) And you'd be surprised at all the mistakes they see that you don't.

Absolute Write is a great community of writers like us that'll totally help you with anything you could possibly imagine. If you haven't yet, go check it out.

On the bright side, your query is doing well enough to get your book read. :)