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The Hunt by Andrew Fukuda

The Hunt by Andrew Fukuda

YA Science Fiction

Rating: 4 Stars
In a world where humans have been eaten to near extinction, seventeen-year-old Gene has only managed to survive by painstakingly concealing his true species. If the bloodthirsty creatures surrounding him knew what he really was—a human—he would be devoured swiftly and terribly.

When Gene is chosen to participate in the government-sponsored hunt for the last remaining humans, it thrusts him into the fight of his life—and into the path of a human girl who makes him feel things he never thought possible. Now, he must learn the art of the hunt and elude his fellow hunters whose suspicions about his true human nature are growing. But most importantly, Gene and the girl he loves must find a way to forge a life together in a brutal world that’s bent on their destruction.

First Thoughts: I recieved this ARC from St. Martin's and I was very interested in it. The cover is very good and I love how the front in night and the back is day. Very cool. The thing I like most about this is from the synopsis you can tell that this is a vampire novel only it's different from the rest. He is a human who is trying to hide from the vampires but in plain site because the vampires in this novel aren't the good guys.

Writing Style: I loved this writing style. I have literally no complaints. The only thing I could say is the writing didn't feel very young adult to me. That could be explained away though, the writing was more mature because Gene had no choice but to be mature. Andrew is so good with his descriptions it's hard not to imagine what it looks like, even during those times you really don't want to.

Characters: Gene is a great character for this type of novel. He is supposed to fit in a world he clearly doesn't fit in anymore. My problem's with him are more personal that what fits for the storyline. My personal opinion is that Gene is a horrible person, his father too. Live with the vampries? Pretend you are one of those monsters because you don't want to die? Turn away from your own kind? I found it disturbing. I couldn't stand it. I wanted to throw the novel down and give up because my own reflexes to protect those I love and never pretend to be someone I'm not kicked in. I didn't though and I'm glad I didn't because my opinion of him changed a bit towards the end. I still have that feeling though.

Final Thoughts: I could not stand this book. This is completely personal. It makes me think too much. What if this really happened to us? What if everyone turned into to vampires and started killing everyone? I couldn't stand it! If this was a movie I would never watch it because I would have nightmares. It reminds me of I am Legend and I was forced to watch that movie and it scared the crap out of me. But looking past that this was a great novel. Those people who love science fiction would get a real thrill out of reading this. They won't be able to put this down. It has everything you need in a science fiction novel. Thrill, excitement, terror, and it keeps you tearing at the pages just to see what could possibly happen next. So, even though I personally didn't like it I rated this novel for what it was without my personal opinion. My own personal review would be a three instead of a four.

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I've been curious about this one. Thanks for the review!