Wednesday, July 11, 2012

One Year Blogoversary Giveaway!

This past year has been amazing. I have thrown myself into the blogger world and love it! Everyone here are all amazing and friendly people. It's like blogger is one giant family. This year I have particpated in blog hops (MY FAVORITE THING TO DO!!), got a freelancer postition at St. Martin's which sadly is finished :( , recieved my first ever ARC's, signed books, blog tours. I have been amazed.

I also got a new tattoo, writer inspired. Tell me what you think!
So, to celebrate My Blog's 1st year Blogoversary I am hosting a giveaway!! I seem to have an extra copy of Born at Midnight by C.C. Hunter on my shelf so I am giving that away! (You can read my review for it HERE) Here are the rules

1. USA ONLY!! (Sorry! I will have another international soon, I promise)
2. Easy entry, just name and email
3. MUST be 13
4. Extra entry of sharing, link must work for share.
5. You do NOT have to follow my blog. Open for everyone.
6: Contest ends: July 25th at midnight! Winner will be notified on the 26th.


Thank you so much for being a part of my first year as a blogger and I hope you are all there for this next one!

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MP D said...

I LOOOOOVE your tattoo. Like so much <3 I feel the same way about writing.

MP D said...

(Don't know if my first comment was sent, so I'll write it again.)
I LOOOOOVE your tattoo. Like so much <3 I feel the same way about writing. Whenever I think about not writing in my life, I litterally panic. (And sorry if I made grammar mistakes, I'm French-Canadian.)

Trista Siegel said...

For some reason my comments weren't being sent to my phone so it just took awhile for me to notice I had some. Thank you so much! My favorite tattoo so far.

By the way, you are doing perfectly fine with your grammar, as long as I can understand it, it works.