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Verity by Claire Farrell

Verity (Cursed #1) by Claire Farrell
YA Fantasy/Paranormal
Rating:  2 Stars

Sixteen-year-old Perdita Rivers has spent her entire sheltered life being told what to do. Lately, she’s felt ready for a change, and the universe seems to agree. Her new best friend’s brother is the boy of Perdita’s dreams. Literally.

Even though he plays hot and cold, she’s sure there’s more to it, but she’s kind of distracted by the sense she’s being followed - not to mention the rumours of wild animal sightings that seem to mean more to her new crush’s family than they should. Perdy’s on a mission to find the truth, but maybe the truth is the danger she should hide from, after all.

My Thoughts: I have to admit, I read this story awhile back but I got over it almost immediately and jumped into another right away. Mostly it was because I wasn’t all that impressed. I pushed through this one because I don’t like to leave books unread and even though the story wasn’t that bad it also wasn’t that good either.
            The problem I have is that nothing surprised me. Vampires and werewolves are being overused because that is what everyone is reading. So, I see this werewolf story and think, “Hey, maybe this is worth a try.” Is anyone original anymore? Can no one come up with new ways to hook the readers and keep them coming back for more?
            Perdita is in no way relatable to me. She has no individuality and no personality. She is considered a freak but really who isn’t these days. She is a plain Jane who is getting the man of her dreams who will protect her and take care of her. Sound familiar anyone? Where are the strong women who don’t need men to protect them? Every girl wants a man’s big strong arms to protect her but at the same time we need to learn to protect ourselves.
            The plot is interesting. The curse is interesting. The whole idea of this novel is interesting. The problem? Interesting is not enough. If these areas aren’t developed then it doesn’t matter if its interesting because you can’t keep the audience there long enough to keep going till the end of not just the first book but the whole series. It feels choppy and then before you know it your readers lose interest like I did.
            Overall, I did not like this book at all. The characters were not fully developed and the plot wasn’t fully developed as well. I bet the story would be loads better if it was thought out better or maybe more time spent on developing the story and characters would make it more enjoyable. I hope that the author spent more time working on her next few books in the series and developed them more. I’m probably not going to read them though. I hate saying that but I’m not going to lie, there are just more interesting books out there that keep me wanting to come back for more.

Cover: 3/5
Writing: 2/5
Characters: 1/5

Overall Score:

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