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Moonfall: Tales from the Levant by Vanessa Morton

Moonfall: Tales from the Levant by Vanessa Morton
Young Adult
Rating:  3 Stars

When sixteen-year-old Rachav drinks the Moon Temple's forbidden wine, she hardly expects it to result in the death of a priestess. But when King Nur orders Rachav to serve the Queen of the Night—the kingdom's powerful goddess—as restitution, Rachav's identical twin, Zaron, has her own reasons for joining the priesthood and offers to take her twin's place.

But choices have consequences.
Now Rachav's family is in danger. As she uncovers the shocking reason why, she finds an ally in Salma, a brooding nomad who wields an ancient force powerful enough to destroy the entire kingdom. While the epic showdown rages above the city, Rachav plays a dangerous game of her own. Can she rescue her sister and right the wrongs of that fateful choice? Or will the king succeed and trap her in the doomed city?

My Thoughts: First off, let me give credit where it belongs. I received a copy of this book from for my honest review. I am always honest so it’s not that difficult. If you are not a member of NetGalley you are missing out and should definitely take a look at the website. It’s an amazing site for book bloggers.
            Onto my honest review! This book was not what I really expected. There was not as much action as I thought there would be. In fact there were moments I was straight up bored. Other moments I was confused. Particularly the moment the point of view switched to Salma. I don’t know if it was my e-book copy or what but I don’t recall any thing to announce the change of point of view. I feel like there was no entrance to Salma at all.
            Rachev is the idealistic main character. She is a bit mischievous and rebellious but that all fades away when her family is in danger. Her family comes first in her eyes and would do anything to help them. This is the major plot point in the story, her dedication to her family. Everything bad that happens to her is because she is trying to protect them. She puts them first.
            Salma is a slightly confusing character. He was kind of thrown in the there with no explanation and no real reason other than to save Rachev. Which is clearly important because we need her to keep the story going. Then he was gone. Until later of course when he returned. If he hadn’t that would have completely confusing.
            Overall, this was a good book but not really my type. It’s a historical kind of novel and I’m not a huge fan of those. I won’t let that get in the way of the review though. What I will let get in the way is how confusing most of it was. Either things weren’t explained enough or I just didn’t get it. Things just didn’t seem to fit together or build up to anything. I was kind of bored and no one likes a being bored when they are reading. There were interesting parts not enough to keep me interested. I don’t know whether it’s the style of the book or just the writing so I can’t just dismiss this one as bad because of that.

Cover: 4/5
Writing: 3/5
Characters: 3/5

Overall Score:

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