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The Legacy of Kilkenny by Devyn Dawson

The Legacy of Kilkenny (Legacy of Kilkenny #1) by Devyn Dawson
YA Fantasy/Paranormal
Rating: 3 Stars

The Legacy of Kilkenny is the story of Abel Casey, an ordinary boy until the stunning Pru Phelan came to town and introduced him to his destiny. Pru had a vision that the Great Wolf was born and he can be found in Piedsville, Oklahoma and his name is Abel Casey. Pru's main assignment? To kill Abel... at least make his family believe he is dead.

The Great Wolf is expected to become the leader of all packs. As Abel starts training he begins to have abilities of a werewolf, he hasn't shifted and he doesn't want his family to believe he is dead. Will he be able to convince the pack that he can protect his family. Just when everything seems to be going okay, Abel's sister Allie meets a new guy named Arien.

Arien isn't any guy, he is a vampire and he knows the Phelan pack has found the Great Wolf, he wants to know who it is and he is threatening to turn Allie into a vampire if they don't tell him who it is. Allie is already moody, will she contract the Human Vampiric Virus (HVV)? Abel wants a relationship with Pru, but she only has eyes for her bodyguard Oakley. The story will have you cheering for the good guy.... hating the bad guy... dream of the sexy werewolves and love to hate the vampire Arien.
The multiple scenarios may be too much to bear for our newly unshifted werewolf Abel, can he save his sister? Will he find love? Will Pru be able to fulfill her assignment? Will Allie become a vampire? Who will be brutally murdered? Enjoy this page turning supernatural story.

My Thoughts: This book is a struggle. It was a complete mess of a struggle. First of, I love the idea. A pack of wolves are missing their great wolf and an unexpected human is destined to become this great wolf. While this idea is great there is so much wrong with how it was delivered.
            My first complaint is the switching between POVs. It was the fact that it was happening its more of how it was done. It was a constant change and it didn’t really help the story at all. In fact, after awhile it became annoying and hard to tell which character was talking. Another problem I had was the dullness of Pru. Every single time her POV came up she was constantly complaining about her role. She was constantly talking about how she doesn’t know how to kill him. We got it! We don’t need to hear about how horrible of a decision you have to make and how you don’t know how to do it.
            There are also random things thrown in that felt like it was a way to make the story longer or possibly to make it more of a happy ending. There are two things that were thrown in at the last possible minute when they should have been presented early. The first would be Abel’s ability to read minds. It was shoved in the your face in some random place saying, “Oh, yeah. By the way I can also read minds.” Um, hello! That’s important to the story, why would you wait to tell us that? The other is Chrissy. She just happens to show up at the end which is good for Abel to get over Pru but then you add the, “Oh, by the way I can read your mind to and talk to you because I’m part of your world.” Then add in that she knew what he was from the beginning, even before they started dating. Sounds like a stalker who wants to use him because he is the great wolf.
            My last complaint is the grammar. There were misspelled words everywhere. Especially the wrong words were used. You know like “hole” and “whole”, “which” and “witch”. That kind of thing annoys me and it got in the way of the story. I couldn’t focus on the story because of it.
            Overall, the plot is great and the action is good enough but there was too much that got in the way of actually enjoying this book. I actually started reading this book a while back but had to stop reading it because I was losing interest. Because of my determination I was able to get back in and finish it but the story left me disappointed. It’s a good book but it could definitely be better.

Cover: 2/5
Writing: 3/5
Characters: 3/5

Overall Score:

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