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Twisted by Holly Hook

Twisted (Deathwind Trilogy Book #1) by Holly Hook
YA Paranormal/Fantasy
Rating: 5 Stars

Sixteen-year-old Allie isn’t like other girls. Instead of spending her summer break sitting around on the beach, she takes the epic vacation of a lifetime.

Tornado chasing.
And she’s not disappointed. Just a few miles from the town of Evansburg, Nebraska, Allie meets her dream of seeing a tornado. In person. She can’t wait to tell her friends back home. Never mind that her parents are going to kill her.
But her dream soon turns into a nightmare, and a strange event leaves her shocked. Confused. When she returns home to Wisconsin, something’s…different. Allie now bears a curse so awful, it could destroy everyone and everything she’s ever known.
With her best friend, Tommy, Allie must return to the plains to find a way to reverse it. She enters a world that she had never imagined, where she becomes a pawn in a fight to save the people of Evansburg from her fate…or to destroy them

My Thoughts: This is a whole new concept. The fact that people are the cause of natural disasters is such a fantastic idea. Why didn’t anyone think of this sooner? This isn’t the first of Holly Hook’s books that I have read, I also read Tempest and I had the same reaction (review for that one coming soon). Anyway, back to the book. I am a Wisconsinite. I love that the main character is from Wisconsin, there needs to be more of that. I have always had a fascination with tornadoes so it was easy for me to connect with the character although I don’t think I have the guts to go tornado chasing. We have enough tornado warnings here that scare the crap out of me I can’t imagine going after them.
            What kind of story would it be without the best friend who helps you when you need it the most? Tommy is a great character and the backbone for Allie. She has been through so much and Tommy is the reminder of her old life and who she is, just what she needs when she feels more unlike herself than ever. Of course his feelings for her is a bit predictable.
            Her connection with Dorian is very intriguing and I love it. There is something definitely there and it gives us the love triangle. Sort of. They don’t actually say anything about it but I have a feeling its going to grow it something good.
            Overall, I really like this series and I can’t wait to continue it!

Cover: 4/5
Writing: 5/5
Characters: 5/5

Overall Score:

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