Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Broken Stone by Kelly Walker

Broken Stone (Souls of the Stones #3) by Kelly Walker
YA Paranormal/Fantasy
Rating: 3 Stars

UNABLE TO AVOID HER DESTINY ANY LONGER, Emariya has become the leader her mother always envisioned. Before she can focus on embracing her gifts to unify her three lands, she must first stop her own land from dissolving into civil war. Spurred by her brother’s devious policies and thirst for power, the people of the Uplands have surged into revolt. If Emariya cannot convince her own people to stand down and follow her, she will never convince her uncle she can lead all three lands. And he’s only given her half a year to do it.

AS SHE TRIES TO WIN HER OWN PEOPLE'S HEARTS, the love of her life, Torian Ahlen begins to lose his mind. While Torian is driven into a dark depression by his visions of Terin, Emariya realizes the only way to bring him back from the brink is to confront her brother once and for all and rescue Torian's sister. Unfortunately, because of the pull of the stones, his sister isn’t sure she wants to be rescued.
IF EMARIYA IS TO HAVE ANY CHANCE AT SAVING TORIAN'S MIND and his sister’s virtue, she will have to go directly to the source, those that bestowed the gifts (or curse) in the first place. But will whoever is waiting at The Cradle Of The Three be willing to help her? Her only chance to get Terin away from Reeve will be to nullify the pull of the Stones, accepting whatever changes that may mean for her and Torian.

My Thoughts:
Finally, the war. That is the kind of action I have been waiting for. Only it wasn’t as fantastic as I was hoping. Everything was fast and it ended before you knew it. Where is the action packed fighting and adventure? If there is a war then there should be a big drawn out war. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a good book and a good series but it’s not the greatest. Everyone lives happily ever after and we all are happy with the ending, just not how it got there. I am a young adult author and reader but this book is more of a book for younger teens. It’s a bit childish. The only part that isn’t appropriate for that age is the love scenes but what teenage book doesn’t have loves scenes? The point is, it was too calm. We needed action and emotion and I was left disappointed. So, to end my reviews of this series I have to say that this series is a good series for twelve year olds. Good luck Kelly Walker, I hope your other books are a great improvement from this series. In fact I wouldn’t be surprised if I end up reading some of your other books.

Cover: 4/5
Writing: 3/5
Characters: 3/5

Overall Score:

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