Friday, October 21, 2011

The Door to Lost Pages by Claude Lalumiere

The Door to Lost Pages by Claude Lalumiere

Adult Fantasy (and I stress the adult part)

Rating: 2 Stars

Step through the door to Lost Pages and escape a life you never wanted... On her tenth birthday, Aydee runs away from home and from her neglectful parents. At first, surviving alone on the streets is harsh, but a series of frightening, bewildering encounters with strange primordial creatures leads her to a bookshop called Lost Pages, where she steps into a fantastic, sometimes dangerous, but exciting life. Aydee grows up at the reality-hopping Lost Pages, which seems to attract a clientele that is either eccentric or desperate. She is repeatedly drawn into an eternal war between enigmatic gods and monsters, until the day she is confronted by her worst nightmare: herself.

First Thoughts: I loved the synopsis. As I was scrolling NetGalley I saw this cover and just had to read it. When I read the synopsis it really got me. It's very interesting.

Writing Style: I didn't care much for it. Especially the last chapter. The story grabbed me in the beginning but then it became restless. I didn't expect to only 95 pages on my e-reader too. I don't even know if that is the whole book or not but I felt like whatever they author was trying to get at never got there.

Characters: Each chapter was it's own story so really there are a ton of characters but they all revolved around the same point in the book. The thing is, is that there was no time to even understand the characters. The book was impersonal and each character felt like they weren't developed enough. It was rushed and there wasn't enough time for anyone to sympathize or even connect to them.

Final Thoughts: The thing that annoys me the most is I was expecting more. On NetGalley it says that the paperback has 200 pages but on my e-reader there were only 95. Did I get the whole story? Is that the reason I feel frustrated with this book is because I haven't really finished it? I don't know if I will ever find out. Another thing is the synopsis is deceiving. Yes, they start out with the young girl but then they go to adults and becomes an extremely adult book. Like sex and sex everywhere. I don't like it when I get deceived by book. There is a difference between judging a book by it's cover and having the synopsis only tell you part of the story. That synopsis was only a quarter of what the story was about and what I thought was a story about a girl ended up being about a girl, a boy, and then a whole bunch of people and their sex lives.

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