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Balancer by Patrick Wong

Balancer (The Final Deity #1) by Patrick Wong
YA Fantasy/Paranormal
Rating:  5 Stars

When teenagers Nicole and Amy save a child from a freak wildfire, they unwittingly trigger a bizarre sequence of events. In the following days, Nicole finds herself caught up in more extraordinary happenings, until she is forced to confront the startling truth about herself: She has the power to give life or take life from every living thing around her. As Nicole tests the extent of her powers, her activities attract the attention of mysterious agents who believe the girls are part of a larger terrorist plot. Now on a trail into the unknown, Nicole and Amy will be forced to question just what is real — and who they can trust.

My Thoughts: This was a fantastic book. It was completely original and took me out of my element. I love the supernatural and I love it even more when someone comes out with something fresh. This book is so good I can look past the fact it’s a juvenile book, or a very young adult. I could see a middle school child reading this but not so much someone for high school or older.
            Amy and Nicole are like any other teenager. Innocent and carefree. Nicole is a very selfless and relatable character. When put into a troubling situation she acts very adult like proving she is strong enough to handle whatever is thrown at her. Amy is a little less mature but at the same time she compliments Nicole’s character. They are opposites but more like ying and yang.
            The one thing I didn’t particularly like about this one was how it jumped back and forth between characters. I had to pay extra attention when I came to a new chapter because it abruptly changes from one to the other. That was not enough to push me away from the book though. I still ended up loving it. The ending was unbelievable. I honestly never saw the betrayal coming let alone that one of the agents was a bad guy. I knew something was up with one of them but never guessed that.
            Overall, the book was aimed towards a younger audience than me but I still enjoyed the entire thing and I am glad I got a chance to read this. I received this book from the author through

Cover: 5/5
Writing: 4/5
Characters: 5/5

Overall Score:

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