My Writing

Princess of the Rebellion
Be careful, you never know what's behind that door.

One phone call turned Karissa Jansen's life upside down. Not only did she lose the two most important people in her life, but she found out her grandmother had a secret. A secret about Karissa's parents that would send her out on the road to find out who her parents were before they died. A secret that would put not only her mortal life in danger but also the whole world's, by putting her in the middle of a war between werewolves and vampires.

Now she has to decide to join the vampires to be treated like royalty and set them free onto the world, or find a way to escape them. Is death her only answer to save the world?

Witch Hunter Trilogy

Paige Wildes is a witch. Her entire family are witches. They live a secret, hidden life, protecting the humans from witches and demons who hurt them. They protect the innocent.

Corey Meyer is a witch hunter. His family has been passing down their knowledge to each generation. They hunt every magical creature they can find and vanquish them.

When the two lives come together, everything they've ever known falls apart. Corey was raised to believe that all magical beings are evil--including Paige. Paige was raised to stay away from ancestral witch hunters because they kill first and ask no questions at all.

But when something they didn't see coming hunts for the two families, can they push what they've lived by aside to save themselves and maybe each other?